Home Gaming Bitlife: How To Get Smarts Up? (Full Guide)

Bitlife: How To Get Smarts Up? (Full Guide)

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Bitlife: How To Get Smarts Up?

Bitlife: How To Get Smarts Up? (Full Guide)

Bitlife is quite an interesting game to play. It is a text life simulator game where players have the full freedom to do what they want to do. They can develop any skills and they act the role of any player. They can become engineers, doctors, farmers and anything. The chosen characters define what will be the outcome of the game. But any path a player chooses, they need to have different stats in life. Talking about the stats, every player has 4 stats which are Happiness, Health, Smarts, and looks. 

In the bitlife, happiness and health are fundamental things to have. Without them, you can not survive in the game. While on the other hand, players can somehow love the game without looks and the smarts. However, if you want to become a doctor and engineer that requires you to be very smart. Then, you need to increase your smarts in the game. Many of the players don’t know how to increase their smarts stats but in this article we have it covered for you. 

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How to increase the smarts in bitlife?

In the bitlife, players will see many options to increase their smarts in bitlife. Some ways to increase the smarts are very random. While players can increase the other smarts in bitlife by working hard. 

Read a book

Reading books is the easiest way to increase the smarts in the bitlife game. This is the task that you can perform as early as you become 6 years of age. As you start reading complicated books, you become more intelligent. However, by reading some books, your happiness stats can decrease. Therefore, you need to be very choosy when it come to selecting the books that you read. 

Watching a documentary

To get a small increment in smarts stats, as soon as you turn 18, you should start visiting the cinema to watch documentaries. It would contribute to increasing your smarts.

Performing well in the memory test

You can take part in the memory test if you want to increase your smarts. However, your smarts will be increased if you perform well in the memory test. If you don’t perform well, then your smarts go down. 


Education is also a way to enhance your smarts in bitlife. When you get into school, you gotta study well. You must get a scholarship to the college. You must labor hard at your job. It will also improve your smarts. 


Gardening can be a great way to increase your smarts in the game. 

Going to the library

Visiting the library can be very helpful to increase the smarts in a very light way. 


If the players don’t have the required smarts, they are too less, then they can opt for the boost smarts option. It would increase their smarts to some extent. 

Making smart decisions

In the bitlife game, you will encounter many situations where you need to make smart decisions, this will enhance your smarts stats in bitlife. Smarts decisions like not doing drugs or refusing to transport the unknown cargo for money can be considered a smart decisions. 

This is how players can increase their smarts in the bitlife. However, players need to avoid doing a few things to prevent fro. affecting your smart stats such as:

  • Taking drug
  • Bribing the college official
  • Performing poorly in a memory tests.
  • Going to the witch test. 

These are the activities players have to avoid at any cost if they have high smart stats in the bitlife game. 

That’s all from us about how to increase the smarts in the bitlife game. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing the bitlife game.

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