Home Gaming Bitlife: How To Exorcise A Ghost? (Full guide)

Bitlife: How To Exorcise A Ghost? (Full guide)

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Bitlife: How To Exorcise A Ghost?

Bitlife: How To Exorcise A Ghost? (Full guide)

Bitlife is an interesting game if you want to pass your time. There are many tasks that you can perform in the Bitlife. You can even buy a haunted house and can meet the ghosts. You will see a lot of the ghosts in the haunted house that you purchase. The number of ghosts you will meet will depend upon the level of the haunted house you have purchased. You can be friendly or hostile to the ghosts, it all depends on how the player reacts to it. However, you can also exorcise a Ghost in the Bitlife. 

If you don’t want to be around the ghosts in your castle, then you have the option to exorcise the ghost. Below we will see how to exorcise a ghost in Bitlife: 

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Ways To Exorcise A Ghost In BitLife

If you have the desire to exorcise a ghost, then, you buy a haunted house. To buy a haunted house, you need to follow the given steps: 

  • Open the Bitlife game
  • Go to the Assets section. 
  • Click on the Shopping option. 
  • Select the real estate broker to purchase a haunted house. 
  • To identify whether it is a haunted house or not, you will see a haunted house will have a haunted title with it. 
  • Remember, haunted houses are quite costly. 
  • Players will have to get a mortgage or gather money to buy it in cash. 

Once you have purchased a haunted house, you will have the option to get an exorcist or perform the exorcism yourself. 

How to Call An Exorcist?

In this, players don’t have to do much. They need to call the exorcist and he will come and do the job of exorcism for them. You have to have to follow the below the following steps to exorcise the ghost for you: 

  • Go to the activity menu for their haunted house. 
  • Select the spirits option. 
  • You will be able to see the ghosts that are present in the house. 
  • Select the ghost that you want to exorcise. 
  • From here, you can hire an exorcist for some amount. 
  • He will do the exorcism for you. 
  • However, some ghosts might be hostile or highly active, so you need to go for the Multiple exorcisms too. 
  • This is how you can exorcise the ghost in the Bitlife. 

How to do DIY Exorcism?

If the player has an experience in the exorcism, then they can do it themselves. However, for that, a person needs to be an Exorcist by profession. Exorcism might fail as well. But it be possible because of some random event that does not have your role at all. However, each failure will strengthen the Ghost that will lead to ghosts attacking you more. 

That’s all from us about How To Exorcise A Ghost In BitLife? I hope that with these steps you would be able to exorcise the ghost and ward it off away from you. 

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