Home Gaming BitLife: How To cause A Riot And Escape Prison (Full Guide)

BitLife: How To cause A Riot And Escape Prison (Full Guide)

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BitLife: How To cause A Riot And Escape Prison (Full Guide)

BitLife: How To cause A Riot And Escape Prison (Full Guide)

Bitlife is a text life simulator game that has become quite a famous game in a short period of time. It is quite an interesting game to play. This game gives players the opportunity to become anything they want in the game from a police officer to a criminal. If somehow players choose to become a criminal by doing some acts, then it is just a matter of time before they end up in the prison. If a player is sent to a prison for short term, it is best to serve out the whole sentence. However, if Prison time is long, then it is best to escape the prison. Players can trigger a riot in the prison and can use it as leverage to escape the prison in Bitlife.

Players can escape the prison directly without doing anything. However, their escape will very much depend on the kind of prison they have been assigned to. Those players who are looking to escape prison directly will get all the details as to how they can do so in this article:

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How To Start A Riot And Escape Prison In BitLife?

Considering the security of the prison, you might say that It is a very difficult job to escape prison. If players are still desperate to escape the prison, then they can go to the Orange Prison icon and choose the Riot Option from the list. It will cause chaos and riots in the Prison. However, players will be required to confirm before they want to start a riot after clicking on the option.

Once players confirm the Riot, then players will be put into the mini-game. In the game, players are required to gather Prisoners. players will see around 10 Prisoners. as players collect the prisoners, guards will become suspicious and aggressive. If the players strike a guard or wall, the riot plan will fail. Even if players collect the prisoners and finish the mini-game successfully, it will not guarantee a successful escape. Yet players will have to take their chances with the prison.

Once players gather the all prisoners, there will be a confrontation with guards. In this face-off, either guard will win or the prisoners will win. If the guards win, riots will fail and prisoners will get an extended sentence if the prisoners win, they will have a successful escape from the Prison.

This is how players can escape the prison by causing a riot, however, Players don’t want to resort to this method to escape the prison. Then, they can simply escape from the prison. Again, it might end up in an escape or a failure in Bitlife.

isn’t it quite interesting? That’s all from us about BitLife: How To Start A Riot And Escape Prison. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing Bitlife.

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