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Bitlife: How To Become A Singer In Bitlife?

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Bitlife: How To Become A Singer In Bitlife?

Do you want to start your own life again and want to experience many things again? If yes, then you must choose Bitlife as it allows you that option. Bitlife is simply a simulation game that will give the players an opportunity to start life as a baby and make choices as the baby grows and reaches a different stage of life. You as a baby have the option to deal with the Bully, troublemaker, love interests, Education, jobs and other dimensions of life. Moreover, you can learn new skills, you can tone your mind and body. You as a player can become the singer as well as bitlife has the option to learn singing. However, you are required to fulfill some requirements. In this guide, I will walk you through the step-by-step guide in which you can learn how you can become a singer. 

How to Become a Singer in Bitlife?

  • However, It is not so easy to become the singer in the bitlife. You have to have good looks from the beginning. If you don’t have the required looks, then you are required to begin a new life or upgrade yourself to the Bitizenship membership (Paid version). Players will have to toil hard in the Gym every year to develop good looks.
  •  Once a player becomes eight years old, they can start voice lessons and increase their voice skills and those players with the Bitizenship can choose their interest in music manually or they can upgrade their skills in instruments and voice. While learning music, players are also required to maintain good health. 
  • However, when players attain the age of 18. They can finish their graduation. After finishing the graduation, they start applying for the job in the bitlife game. They will find the job option in the lower panel. In the job section, they can choose the Background Vocalist job. However players need to have a social media presence to be able to become a good singer. 
  • When you are chosen for the singing, then every year, you have to select the option “ work hard”. By doing so, you have the chance of reaching the position of the “Pop-sta” position to achieve the promotion and get a chance to do “commercials”, “Talk-show”, “Book”, “photoshoot” to earn the popularity. If you indulge in all those activities and then become the pop star in the bitlife game. 
  • If you want to go for the audition, then you have that option as well in the special career option. However, It is up to you to choose to become the solo singer by giving the audition or you want to join some kind of band to become the singer in the bitlife game. 

Apart from the following above steps, players need to keep in mind that having good looks in the bitlife to become the singer is prerequisite. You need to work upon your looks continuously. You need to be active on social media by posting regularly on the social media handle. And you can continue to enjoy life by having lots of fun in your life. 

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