Home Gaming Bitlife: How To Become A Nun? (Full Guide)

Bitlife: How To Become A Nun? (Full Guide)

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Bitlife: How To Become A Nun? (Full Guide)

Bitlife: How To Become A Nun? (Full Guide)

Bitlife is quite an interesting game to play because you can live your fantasy life here. You can assume any character and get to live his life. From doctors to crime lords to nuns, you can live any kind of life in the Bitlife. So, if the players are a little spiritual and want to live a life of devotion, then they can choose to live life like Nun in Bitlife. Players need to follow this guide to become a nun: 

How To Choose A Nun Career In Bitlife?

The life of a nun is quite difficult as players need to have disciple, self-control and strong willpower to be able to become a nun. This is the reason, players need to keep in mind all these things before he decides to become the nun. When you turn 18, you will be able to become a nun only then. However, you have to meet certain requirements for Nun. you have to apply for the job of the Nun. players can go to the Occupation option and check for a listing in the Jobs tab. If they don’t find a Nun job, then they will have to age by one year. 

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The requirement to become a nun in the Bitlife: 

Female Character:

To become the nun in the bitlife, the nun should be female. The male characters will get to become the monk career path instead of the Nun in Bitlife. 

Good Behavior

The second requirement is that players should have lived a chaste and kind life up to that point. So, choosing “good behavior” interactions will help players get the Nun career path.

If you want to get the Nun Career path, then you will have to choose good behavior interactions. You are required to live a chaste and kind life. You will have to show kindness towards members of the family, friends at school, and any pets in the family. When your family is taking a vacation, you need to show gratitude. When getting shots at the doctor, you don’t need to bite them. This way you will raise your chances of becoming a nun. 

Chaste Character

If you want to become A nun in Bitlife, you will have to fulfill another requirement which is to become a Nun in Bitlife. Nun should be chaste it means that she should not get into any relationship or involve herself in a one-night stand. If she does any of it, then she will never be able to become the nun. Even if you become a nun and you don’t follow what is required to be followed by a nun. Then the character can be removed from the position of the Nun. 

You can also choose to study religious scripture by enrolling at the university. This choice will increase the chances of getting nun faster than you can imagine. However, it is not a mandatory requirement for the job. When you are right out of school, you can also apply for the job of a nun. You might get this character sooner. 

That’s how you can become a nun in the bitlife. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing Bitlife. 

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