Home Gaming Bitlife: How To Be Born In New Jersey? (Full Guide)

Bitlife: How To Be Born In New Jersey? (Full Guide)

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Bitlife: How To Be Born In New Jersey?

Bitlife: How To Be Born In New Jersey? (Full Guide)

Bitlife is a game where players are surprised with a lot of things. This is the game that offers you the chance to live your life the way want. However, in this game, you will find many of the elements that are very random. This is the reason players find this game very gripping and hooking. In Bitlife, you can develop any skills as well as get to live any character you want. If you want to be born in the New Jersey in Bitlife, then you have come to the right place We will discuss just that in this article. Let’s get started: 

How to Start A Life in New Jersey on BitLife?

If you want to be born in the New Jersey with the aim of starting life all fresh, then you are required to follow the given steps. 

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  • Open the Bitlife Main Menu. 
  • Click on the Begin a new life. 
  • Select the name and gender of your character. 
  • Choose the United States as your country. 
  • Choose the Newark as the Place/City. 
  • Begin your character’s life now. 
  • This way, your character will be born in Newark, New Jersey. 

This is how you can start your life in New Jersey or can be born there. 

Remember another thing is that players call all the cities in New Jersey as Jersey. They don’t know the names of the cities in New Jersey. And in the Bitlife, you only have the option to choose the Country and the City. This is the reason there is no one to blame who does not know about the Cities in New Jersey. However, if you are someone who lives outside the United States, then searching for a city in New Jersey can be a difficult job for you. 

In Bitlife, players get to experience many challenges and missions that are quite fun and boring at the same time. However, frustrating will be an apt word. But players have to see the fun even in the frustrating situations in the bitlife. That is the fun part of the game. As you have to take everything as challenges to complete, this way you get to learn many things from the game itself. You also have seen that Jersey is not a city in the Bitlife. 

You will see that in the Bitlife, there is only one city per state. It makes it hard for many to know which place is the right one. Pro Tip: keep in mind that City is usually the most popular one in the state. This is the reason Newark is a place instead of New Jersey in Bitlife. 

That’s all from us about how to be born in the New jersey in Bitlife. 

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