Home Gaming Bitlife Cheats: Tips And Tricks To Beat The Game (2022)

Bitlife Cheats: Tips And Tricks To Beat The Game (2022)

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Bitlife Cheats: Tips And Tricks To Beat The Game (2022)

Bitlife is a simulator game that lets the players live their dream life. In the bitlife game, Players can assume lots of the characters. Be it monk, Rockstar, or anything, It is also up to how you want to play this game. There are times in the game, you feel stuck and have no idea how to move forward in the game. This game turns out to be very boring. This is the reason you tend to feel demoralized. However, don’t worry, we will help you in this guide as to how you can prevent yourself from wiping yourself out completely in the game.  We will share Bitlife cheats, tips, and hacks. These tips and tricks will help you sail through the game easily.  

Bitlife Cheats, Tips, And Tricks

How To Get Tons Of Money In Bitlife?

Similar to real life, money is everything in the Bitlife game. Whatever you want to do, however, the kind of life you want to lead, if you don’t have the money, you can live that desired life. Even if you want to conduct the regular tasks like going to the gym or getting a massage. You need to have the money. However, if you want to lead a rich life with lots of fun like owning large houses, going on vacations, and having expensive vehicles, you need to be in possession of lots of wealth. However, it is a very complicated task to earn money in the bitlife game. But don’t worry, we will give you many tips and tricks to earn money faster in the bitlife game. 

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Bitlife Money Cheats

Steal Unlimited Cars

The Bitlife game offers you many options to earn money. Some of the options are quick methods to earn money while some of them are easy methods to earn money, provided you know some tips and tricks. In the bitlife game, you can earn money through working, casinos, gambling, crime, pub, freelance gigs, social media, horse races, asset flipping and much more. However there might be many options to earn money, but all these options have a limited time you can earn money. For example, in the bitlife game, you can choose the grand theft auto (crime) option to earn money. In this, you can steal up to five cars that can let you earn money as early as possible. However, you can repeat this process five times only. 

But don’t worry, we will suggest a hack by which you can repeat the process lots of times and can earn lots of money. When you exhaust all your five options to earn money through stealing cars. You can shut down your bitlife game and restart the game. This process will reset the game and once you start the game again you will get the option to steal the same set of cars again. This way players can steal as many cars as they want. They can earn money in millions within a short period of time and they can fulfill all their dreams in the bitlife game. 

Bitlife Money Tips And Tricks


Players of bitlife also have the option to earn money through gambling or winning the lottery. However, some players argue that it is quite risky to earn money through the lottery. But trust me it is not even that risky. We will suggest to you the option that wil ensure that you are sure to win the lottery. While you are playing bitlife, observe that a text will pop up on the screen that says  “A fortune cookie told me to play the lottery.” you have to invest money that year, you will be sure to win the lottery that year. Another great way to win the lottery is that when you receive the bitlife notification that says that you “received a lottery tip”, you must invest money then, play with 10 tickets. This is also certain then that you will win the lottery. This same method applies to horse races as well. Moreover, if you have a lucky dice heirloom, you have to play it before buying the lottery ticket to raise your chances of winning the lottery. 

Marry Royalty

There is a great benefit to looking great. However, you have to go to the gym consistently. Once you have good looks, you will have to go to date finder to get a date, then you can marry into the royalty. This is also a way to become rich quickly. However, this is a tedious process as well, as you have to swipe through the date finder consistently. You will have a match with a date whom you can charm with your looks. Keep in mind that you have to avoid signing the prenup and getting a divorce. As divorce will reduce your character and you will be in debt. 

How To Evade Police In Bitlife?

When you indulge in the wrong practices like gambling and stealing, you might encounter the police many times. And that is not good for you. Therefore, we will suggest to you many tips and tricks using which you can altogether avoid the police. 

Bitlife Police Cheats and hacks

In the bitlife game, there are always chances that you might end up with the police as you commit any form of crime on the bitlife game, be it gambling, or theft. However, you would want to avoid being face to face with the police. We will let you know a hack and tips to avoid falling into the hands of the police. When you are chased by police or you have been falsely accused by someone and have called the police. You don’t have to try bribing the police at any cost. Just quit the game immediately and restart the game. You will start all fresh with the police not being around you. These bitlife police cheats will be applicable in the scenario when players are caught while trying to do the money hacks as well. 

How To Handle Relationships In Bitlife?

In the bitlife game, maintaining the relationship is a prerequisite to the player’s health and happiness. But trust me, Maintaining the relationship can cost you your time as well as they don’t let you focus on the other important things. However, there is a trick in the bitlife game in which you can keep your relationship intact without making lots of effort. 

Bitlife Relationships Tips And Tricks

To maintain the relationship in the Bitlife game, you can do something that will save your time of spending with friends and relatives. Yet you can gain the advantage of maintaining the relationship. What you can do is to offer gifts and money to your relatives rather than spend time with them. This way, you can build great relationships with your friends and relatives. However, you need to be wary of buying expensive and cheap gifts at the beginning of the relationship. Else, it damage or reject your relationship. So, therefore, you have to be very strategic with giving gifts to your relations. Giving expensive and cheap gifts should depend upon the proximity of your relationship with friends. 

These are all the cheats, tips and tricks of the bitlife game to improve and maintain the relationship. We hope that you like our tips and implement them in the bitlife game to maximize your enjoyment of the game. 

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