Home Gaming Minecraft: Best Minecraft Streamers to watch on the Youtube (2022)

Minecraft: Best Minecraft Streamers to watch on the Youtube (2022)

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Best Minecraft Streamers to watch on the Youtube (2022)

You love playing Minecraft however you want to know the best Minecraft streamers from whom you can learn something about the game and you can know more about Minecraft. However, there are many Minecraft streamers on youtube but you struggle to find the best. If you face this problem then you have landed up at the right place. Because in this article, we will give you the list of the best Minecraft streamers on youtube. 

Top 5 Minecraft Streamers on YouTube


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DanielTdm Robert Middleton is the most consistent gamer on youtube. He has managed to achieve his fan following only because of that. He posts about Minecraft content. He is also someone who plays Roblox and Pokemon as well on youtube. He has been on youtube for the last 10 years. 


Talking about Minecraft, well, Dream is the king among them all. The dream is the most popular youtube Minecraft streamer out there with a subscriber base of a whopping 28.9 million. It is such a huge number that can blow anyone’s mind. Moreover, he has been on youtube for the last 8 years. His subscriber base is testimony to his hard work and popularity. He posts his videos regularly there. He plays Minecraft there. The dream also commands six other channels on youtube where he also plays Minecraft. 

What is surprising is that no one knows the identity of the dream. As being out in the open for the last 8 years, you can not hide your identity for such a long time. However, my dream has managed to achieve that. If you watch his channel, you will always have something to watch. 


CaptainSpaeklez is the most popular Minecraft content creator on youtube. He commands a subscriber base of 11.3 million. He is growing more and more in his subscriber base. When I went through his channel, I was sure that he is a gamer to the core. Apart from being a gamer, He is also a popular electronic musician whose videos he keeps on putting out in the open. 

captainsparklez is not the real name. His real name is Jordan Maron. What is interesting about his content is that he posts content that you can watch with your family. If you want to bond your siblings with any of the Minecraft youtube streamers, then Captainsparklez is the “go-to” channel for you.


He belongs to the Netherlands. This dutch YouTuber started his channel in 2014. He has a subscriber base of 22.7 million. He mainly makes videos about Minecraft. Jelly makes funny videos about Let’s Plays where He hops from one game to another and dominates the gaming field. 


He is the youngest youtube streamer in our list of best Minecraft streamers as he is around 18 years old only. However, he might be the youngest but he is a popular YouTuber who commands a subscriber base of around 3.9 million subscribers. He is yet to travel long but he has a bright future. I would want you to go through his youtube channel, he will surely become your favorite. 

I am sure you would like our compiled list of the best Minecraft Youtube streamers. It would be better if you yourself check out each one of them and enjoy watching videos created by them.  

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