Home Gaming MeepCity: 3 best estate blueprints in Roblox MeepCity (Full Guide)

MeepCity: 3 best estate blueprints in Roblox MeepCity (Full Guide)

MeepCity: best estate blueprints in Roblox MeepCity (Full Guide)
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MeepCity: 3 best estate blueprints in Roblox MeepCity (Full Guide)

Roblox Meepcity is a game that was published by the Alexnewtron. It is a multiplayer game that was launched in 2016. This is the game that is based on Disney’s Toontown Online and Club Penguin. In this game, players can perform different kinds of tasks such as they can talk and they can play games, earning money, and customizing their own estate in Roblox MeepCity. In MeepCity, players can use different kinds of estates based on various skill levels of players.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of the estates for the players that they can use to their liking. Let’s get started:

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Finest mansions available in Roblox MeepCity

When players start the deep city game, they get their own estate to live in. Players have the option to upgrade and decorate their states. Players have the option to rearrange the furniture they can change the outdoor garden and they can also modify the wallpaper or wall color, they can change the flooring of their homes by purchasing the blueprints at the Home Improvement Store located in the playground.

Many of you might wonder about what is Home Improvement Store. Well, Home Improvement Store is a place that let the players to customize their estates. There are four kinds of products to choose from in the home improvement store.

Paint: Players can buy the paint from this store. These colors have a different variety that players can choose as per their own liking. Players can buy paint with the Meep coin which is in-game cash.

Wallpaper: Players can buy this wallpaper with meep coins. Wallpapers can be used to decorate the house in a great way.

Estates – Players have the option to choose a variety of the mansions in the meep city game including Trailer Estate, Treehouse Estate, Iglo estate, and many more. players can purchase them using Robux (in-game currency) or coins.

Flooring: If players want to have good flooring, then they can buy it in a number of colors.

Now players know what kinds of things they can buy from the Home Improvement Store. It is up to the players as to what they want to buy in order to have a good living space for themselves. In this article we will talk about the top three castles in the Meep city:

1) Victorian Estate

The Victorian Estate is an estate that players can purchase through a Blueprint from the Home Improvement Store for 999 Robux. This house has a two-story with 14 large rooms. Players can customize the house the way they want. The House will provide players with 17 pots that players can use for the gardening. Players can use their imagination and creativity to customize this house the way they want. They can turn this Victorian Estate into a beautiful house. Mark my words, this house is one of the biggest houses in the Meepcity that players can buy and live in.

2) Castle Estate

This Castle Estate is one of the most popular and expensive castles available in Meep city. It is known for its large number of rooms. Players can purchase this Castle estate for 20000 Meep coins through the blueprint from the Home Improvement store. This estate is of two-story place with 11 large rooms. This estate has great options to customize, they can make it look like what players imagine and use their creativity. This estate has 18 pots that they use for gardening. This is a great option to buy if players want to feel rich and luxurious.

3) Wizard Tower Estate

The Wizard Tower Estate is also a great mansion to live in. If you want to flaunt your living standard, this mansion is meant for you. Players can buy this house from the Home improvement store for 15000 Meep coins. This estate is of four-story that and contains nine rooms. they are large rooms that you can customize and decorate in the way you want. This house has 12 pots that players can use for gardening and cultivation outside the house. This house comes up with great customization and you can turn it into a house that is elegant and appealing to the players.

This is the list of mansions in the MeepCity that players can buy and lead a comfortable life. Since these mansions offer you great customization options, you can use them to make them as decorative as you want them to be.

That’s all from us about the 3 best estate blueprints in Roblox MeepCity. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing this game.

If you want to know more about the other games, please visit this page.

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