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Battle Night Tier List, Wiki, guide, Download link : (Best Heroes List) (August 2022)

Battle Night Tier List, Wiki
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Battle Night Tier List, Wiki, guide, Download link : (Best Heroes List) (August 2022)

Looking for Battle Night Tier list: Best Heroes List? You have landed up at the right place. In this guide, you will get to know about the Battle Night tier list. Without any further ado, Let’s get started:

Battle night is quite an interesting game to play. In this game, there are great alliances in the world that are at war with each other. there is a great conflict between advanced technology and decadent civilizations. You will have to engage in a great fight to be able to win this war. There are many heroes in the game that you have to select in order to win this war. However, it is quite perplexing to select the best heroes that can actually let you win in the game. This is the reason, we have brought this guide for you. You will get to know about the best heroes that can choose in the Battle Night game. Take a look at the guide:

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Battle Night Tier List, Wiki

  • Tier S
  • Tier A
  • Tier B
  • Tier C
  • Tier D

S Tier: Battle Night Tier List – Best Heroes August Tier List, Wiki

They are the best heroes in the Battle Night game. You can take them in your team and you are sure to win. They have got great performance and high damage ability. They are very powerful heroes.

TierBattle Night Tier List 2022
S TierVidar
S TierRaphael
S TierNintu
S TierNymeria
S TierPhoebe
S TierSage
S TierSamuel
S TierSlimeboy Shreateh
S TierWassily
S TierBeamon
S TierBeckinsale
S TierEvery
S TierIggy
S TierKapoor
S TierLavinia
S TierLegolas
S TierMikaela
S TierMist
S TierRhaegal
S TierSayung
S TierSobel(+Sage or Shreateh)
S TierSone
S TierA-Zhao(+Rosefinch)
S TierDreyfus
S TierHarpe
S TierKratos
S TierPoll
S TierCharlotte
S TierGilbert
S TierSobel without Shreateh/Sage
S TierA-Zhao without Rosefinch

A Tier: Battle Night Tier List, Wiki

They are also very powerful heroes. However, they are not as good as S Tier. But still, they can help you win in the game. You must not miss taking them in your team.

Tier ListBattle Night HeroesRole
A TierPower of Galaxy GilbertWarrior
A TierN-Bomb PollSpirit
A TierPower of Titans PhoebeWarrior
A TierSupreme pear NymeriaAssassin
A TierMafia Godmother CharlotteBastion
A TierDead Man WassilyWarrior
A TierSpirit of Nature RaphaelSpirit
A TierSinister Blade MistelteinAssassin
A TierFire of Revenge ArngreeneWarrior
A TierShadow Fiend SayungWarrior
A TierGod Fist BeamonWarrior
A TierOracle SamuelWarrior

B Tier: Battle Night Tier List, Wiki

They are also powerful heroes. However, their power depends on how good skillset you have. You can do a lot of damage to the enemies with them being your side.

Tier ListBattle Night HeroesRole
B tierGilbert (Heavy Tank, Purple)Warrior
B tierRocket PollSpirit
B tierCannon PollSpirit
B tierRed Feather NymeriaAssassin
B tierHammer of Nature PhoebeWarrior
B tierSpirit Feather GarudaSpirit
B tierFlying Squirrel PhoebeWarrior
B tierSouth Phoenix A ZhaoAssassin
B tierExecutioner WassilyWarrior
B tierGreat Princess CharlotteBastion
B tierTai Chi Master WesterlySpirit
B tierBlack Rose CharlotteBastion
B tierArhat KratosWarrior
B tierNight Lion HarpeWarrior
B tierWarlock RaphaelSpirit
B tierSilver Blade MistelteinAssassin
B tierHell Baron ArngreeneBastion
B tierDeadly Joke DreyfusWarrior
B tierMountain GrinborthBastion
B tierArchbishop SamuelSpirit
B tierPioneer of Hack GassolSpirit
B tierCity Hunter ChristinaWarrior
B tierStygian SayungAssassin
B tierIron Blood BeamonBastion
B tierSource of Chaos DreyfusWarrior

C Tier: Battle Night Tier List, Wiki

They are pretty average heroes. They are not as good as they you think to be. However, You must not take them in your team except rare situation. If you are playing the casual game, then you can take them without any thought as they will prove to be the best for you. If you have good skill set, you can do wonders with these heroes.

Tier ListBattle Night Heroes
C TierThunderbolt Naomi
C TierOnkiri Minamoto
C TierCrimson Shadow A Zhao
C TierTyrannosaurus Tooth Tiger
C TierFaceless Harpe
C TierSpectre Phonoi
C TierEagle Claw Patroclus
C TierRoadbuster Grinborth
C TierAsura Attis
C TierQueen of Thorns Skadi
C TierTrial of Fate Fino
C TierStylite Samuel
C TierDauntless Armor Gassol
C TierX Girl Christina

D Tier: Battle Night Tier List, Wiki

Heroes in the D Tier are the worst characters to take in the Battle night game. They have no use and they will make you lose in the game. Therefore, you have to avoid them as much as possible. For casual game, you might consider taking them.

Tier ListBattle Night Heroes
D TierLone Wolf Minamoto
D TierMetal Heart Elva
D TierQueen Bee Arae
D TierBurny Boar Caledon
D TierSandstorm Cassini
D TierSnake Talker Arteta
D TierRaging Lolota Hanna
D TierCanary A Zhao
D TierFortuneteller Westerly
D TierIron Arms Tiger
D TierGirl Spy Mayne
D TierEpee Master Kratos
D TierForgotten Lyse
D TierBlue Spider Eunice
D TierSwordsman Harpe
D TierMagebane Kratos
D TierPartisan Patroclus
D TierRaven Caitlyn
D TierClown Dreyfus
D TierBlack Bat Attis
D TierThird Eye Evelynn
D TierJudicator Fino
D TierTruth Rowen

Battle Night: Cyberpunk best heroes List, Wiki

Slimeboy Shreateh

Battle Night: Cyberpunk RPG Game Info (Wiki)

Title: Battle Night: Cyberpunk RPG.

Release date: 16-Sept-2020

Download Size: 374 MB

Genre: Casual, Single player, Role playing, Stylised.

Publisher: FT Games

Community handles: Facebook and Discord

Available on: Andriod and iOS

Battle Night Tier List, Wiki (Legend) (Full Guide)

FodderCharacters that are used as materials to upgrade different characters
SHSenior Hire
PHPerfect Hire
Energy OrbMaterial to rank up heroes (Star+)
Forging PartMaterial to forge Blueprints
ExclusivesEquipment which will grant extra stats such as Crit rate or Damage % based on Camp AND Sub & Main Weapons for Specific heroes.
SetsA set of four equipments in order to activate an amazing bonus.
Twisted HourglassA material used to regain and reset back every single resources players spent on any specific character and only obtainable via Events.
Senior Twisted HourglassA material used to Orange hero reset only. players will gain back the resources used fully in terms of fragments (yes players are able to re-create the same hero with the reset-ted materials)

Battle Night: Cyberpunk RPG Tier list: Who is the best hero?

FAQs about the Battle night – CyberPunk RPG

What is the Battle night tier list?

Battle night Tier list is a list of characters that have been ranked based on many factors such as damage ability, performance and much more.

What are the best characters in Battle night game?

The best characters in Battle night are: Vidar, Raphael, Nintu, Nymeria, Phoebe, Sage.

What are the worst characters in the Battle night game?

The Worst characters in Battle night game are Lone Wolf Minamoto, Metal heart Elva, Queen Bee Arae, Burny Boar Caledon, Sandstorm Cassini


We have given you the Battle night tier list. I hope that you would enjoy playing them. It would help you to win in the game. This knowledge of the better characters can get you through the game easily. You can play your game better.

That’s wrap up from us about the battle night tier list. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing the Battle night game.

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