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Battle Cats Tier List, Wiki: A guide to the Best Characters

Battle Cats Tier List
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Looking to know the best characters in the Battle cats tier list? you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will discuss the Battle Cash Tier List?

Battle Cats is a role-playing game. In this game, You have to command your cats with simple controls in a battle through space and time. This game has got many characters. However, it is difficult for the players to find the best characters to take in the game. In this guide, we will explain about Battle Cats Tier list. Without any further ado Let’s get started:

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Battle Cats Tier List

  • Tier SS
  • Tier S
  • Tier A+
  • Tier A
  • Tier B+
  • Tier B
  • Tier C+
  • Tier C
  • Tier C-
  • Tier D

Tier SS: Battle Cats Tier List

HeroSS Tier
MitamaSS Tier
JizoSS Tier
GaoSS Tier
AphroditeSS Tier

Tier S: Battle Cats Tier List

TogelugaS Tier
TecolugaS Tier
Shadow GaoS Tier
KeijiS Tier
D’artanyanS Tier

Tier A+: Battle Cats Tier List

YukimuraTier A+
Mighty Rekon KorpsTier A+
KalisaTier A+
AmaterasuTier A+

Tier A: Battle Cats Tier List

Tropical KalisaA Tier
ThundiaA Tier
RaidenA Tier
Pai PaiA Tier
NekoShinjiA Tier
EVA-01A Tier
EVA-00A Tier
CatmanA Tier
Baby CatA Tier

Tier B+: Battle Cats Tier List

WindyB+ Tier
VarsB+ Tier
SubaruB+ Tier
SarukaniB+ Tier
Nurse CatB+ Tier
MomotaroB+ Tier
MiyabiB+ Tier
Mighty DrednotB+ Tier
KamukuraB+ Tier
KaiB+ Tier
Gothic MitamaB+ Tier
GaneshaB+ Tier
EVA-02B+ Tier
Cat MachineB+ Tier

Tier B: Battle Cats Tier List

ZeusB Tier
Yuletide NurseB Tier
Warlock and PierreB Tier
Urashima TaroB Tier
ShingenB Tier
Queen ReikaB Tier
PoseidonB Tier
MekakoB Tier
MegidoraB Tier
MasamuneB Tier
KaguyaB Tier
Ice CatB Tier
HayabusaB Tier
Bunny and CanardB Tier
AkiraB Tier

Tier C+: Battle Cats Tier List

YoshimotoC+ Tier
VoliC+ Tier
TwinstarsC+ Tier
Seashore KaiC+ Tier
Sakura SonicC+ Tier
REIC+ Tier
NekolugaC+ Tier
Mighty ThermaeC+ Tier
Mighty BomburrC+ Tier
KuuC+ Tier
KenshinC+ Tier
Kachi-KachiC+ Tier
GanglionC+ Tier
Demon CatC+ Tier
CosmoC+ Tier
BoraC+ Tier
AnubisC+ Tier
AerC+ Tier

Tier C: Battle Cats Tier List

White RabbitC Tier
Trickster HimeyuriC Tier
Springtime KenshinC Tier
Spooky ThundiaC Tier
SodomC Tier
SakiC Tier
NERV MoonC Tier
MizliC Tier
Midsummer RabbitC Tier
KubilugaC Tier
HallowindyC Tier
DioramosC Tier
CoppermineC Tier
Cat Clan HeroesC Tier
BalalugaC Tier

Tier C-: Battle Cats Tier List

Wolfchild DealeTier C-
Sea Maiden RuriTier C-
Santa KuuTier C-
PaladinTier C-
Mola KingTier C-
Mighty Kat-A-PultTier C-
Lilith CatTier C-
Holy CoppermineTier C-
Graveflower VerbenaTier C-
Frosty KaiTier C-
AsilugaTier C-

Tier D: Battle Cats Tier List

Nobunaga Unplaced -New Dark HeroTier D
mobiusTier D
jupiter kingTier D
huge hermitTier D
general mordenTier D

Battle Cats Game Best Characters

Mitama: Mitama is an uber-rare cat in the battle cats game. She has the ability to hit enemies with her ranged attacks. She has got damaging attacks that force the opponents to stay back. She can easily withstand situations for a long time. Mitama can also freeze the enemies. She can easily overpower them. But the drawback of her is that she can attack the enemies that are standing near her.

Jizo: Jizo is a uber-rare cat in the game. Jizo is a swift cat that has got the ability to move fast in the game. Jizo can fight off all the enemies that he comes across in the game. He can strike enemies with a lot of damage. Jizo is a utility player who will play a huge role in all stages and against every king of enemy. This is only the reason Jizo is very popular in the world.

Togeluga: Togeluga is a special uber-rare cat in the Battle Cats game. She has got great attacking and survival abilities. Togeluga has the ability to dodge the damaging hits of opponents and increase her attacking powers. And then she goes on to attack on the enemies to knock them off. She is also immune to the shockwaves.

Battle Cats Game Info, Download Link, Wiki

Title: Battle Cats

Publisher: PONOS Corporation

Release date: 16-Sept-2014

Genre: Strategy, Casual, Single player, Stylised, Offline.

Game Size: 106 MB

Available on: Andriod and iOS

Game Description:

Command your Cats with simple controls in a battle through space and time! No need to register to develop your own Cat Army! BATTLE WITH ALL THE CATS!!

Players can also follow extrasportz to get instant updates about this game.

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