Home Gaming Apex Legends Mobile: How To Self-Revive? (Full guide)

Apex Legends Mobile: How To Self-Revive? (Full guide)

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Apex Legends Mobile: How To Self-Revive?

Apex Legends Mobile: How To Self-Revive?

Apex Legends Mobile game is quite an interesting game to play. As you know the apex legends mobile version is coming out. Players from around the world are very excited to play this game it is in the beta version now but soon developers would make it available to play for everyone. The PC version of the Apex Legends Mobile is quite famous. This game is a battle royale game where players need cooperation and teamwork. At times, you fall in the game, no one is there to revive you. Therefore you can also self revive yourself. In this article, you will get to know how to self-revive in the apex legends mobile game. 

How Can I Self-Revive in Apex Legends Mobile?

If the players want to avoid death in the game, they will have to keep these in mind. It would help a lot in the Apex Legends Mobile: 

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  • Players can get the shields in apex legends mobile that can get you some time. But Legendary/Gold Knockdown Shields can self-resurrect. 
  • However, the better Legendary/Gold Knockdown Sheilds, the harder it is to get them. But you can grab them in the High-Tier Loots areas or the Supply Drops. It is not difficult to get them as they have Bright Shiny Yellow colors. 
  • If you lay your hands on one of these shields, you won’t be killed so easily as you can self-revive yourself. However, when you are fallen, then you should not use them in the open to reviving yourself. As enemies can stop you from self-resurrecting. 
  • If you have one of these shields, then after you are knocked down, you will see a self-revive button beside your Health Bar. just click on it and hold on to it and within 11 to 12 seconds, you can revive yourself completely. 

If you remember the whole process, you can easily self-revive yourself in the apex mobile and you can save yourself from the kill. 

That’s all there is to it on how to self-revive or resurrect in the apex legends game.  I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. 

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