Home Gaming Apex Legends: Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Heirloom? (Full Guide)

Apex Legends: Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Heirloom? (Full Guide)

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Apex Legends: Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Heirloom?

Apex Legends: Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Heirloom?

Heirloom allows players to receive rare melee skins. While it does not offer any added advantage, players like to get Heirloom solely for the cosmetic appeal. However, the price to obtain an Heirloom can be pretty steep. Today, we will discuss all the ways players can obtain an Heirloom in the game.

Apex Legends Mobile game has been launched recently. A lot of speculations are being made surrounding this game. Players want to know the answers to their questions. One of the nagging questions that player has is whether the Apex Legends mobile will have the Heirloom or not. It is good news for the players to hear that Apex Legends mobile does have the Heirloom. You can use it easily in the game. 

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What is Heirloom in the Apex Mobile legends?

Heirloom in the Apex mobile legend gives players a great appearance by getting the rare melee skins. Apart from giving them a different look, it does not offer anything else to the players. The price to get the heirloom can be very high in the apex legends mobile game. In this article, we will discuss all the ways players can get an Heirloom in the game. 

How To Get Heirloom In Apex Legends Mobile?

You can get heirlooms in the Apex legends Mobile game through two methods:

  1. The first way to get the heirloom in Apex Legends Mobile takes a lot of luck as the drop rate for the heirloom shards is 0.02%. You need to be very fortunate enough to be able to get enough Shards for the heirloom. 
  2. If you can open the 500Apex packs, then you can get the players with 150 Heirloom Shards that will unlock the heirloom. 

If you want to open the Apex Packs, you will have to take part in exclusive collection events for each legend. Apart from this way, you can also buy 500 Apex Packs to get 150 heirloom shards. However, keep in mind that purchasing the apex packs can be expensive for the players. Just to put things in perspective, to be able to buy 500 Apex Packs, you will have to pay $440 USD. you will also get the 25 legendary items and 50 epic items. If You can also purchase an event heirloom that cost them around $180, you will uncover around 12 Epic and 12 legendary items. 

That’s all from us about what is Heirloom and how to get it in the Apex Legends mobile. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing Apex Legend mobile. 

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