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Animal Crossing: How To Get A Money Tree In Animal Crossing

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Animal Crossing: How To Get A Money Tree In Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a game that fulfills the fantasy of everyone. Everyone wants to have the tree in their lives on which money grows. However, it not be possible in the reality. But in the Animal crossing, Money grows on the trees. You can get the New Horizons to get three times the among that you bury. The question is how you can grab this passive moneymaker is a question that we all have. In this guide, we will explain to you, how you can get tons of bells for free. 

How to Grow a Money Tree in Animal Crossing

You can grow your money on the tree by following these steps: 

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  • Search for a shining spot on your island
  • Dig it up with a shovel
  • A bag of 1000 bells will be in this hole. 
  • They will continue to glow. 
  • Go to your inventory and select a bag of bells. 
  • Bury the bag of bells into a glowing hole. 
  • A small sapling should be visible now. 
  • Wait for three full animal crossing days
  • A grown money tree should appear in the same spot. 

The tree consists of the three bags of Bells that you can shake to get in your hands. Each will have more money in them, depending on how much you buried before. 

In the animal crossing, you can grow one money tree per day. As the glowing hole is visible once a day. You need to search for the glowing hole to plant your money and get triple the amount in three days. If you don’t want to keep the tree in the spot that you search for it and then it is just a sapling and you can easily move it to another one instead. 

It becomes the normal tree when you hold and shake it. Another best thing about the money tree is that you don’t need to water the money tree like other normal trees. Players can also follow extrasportz to get instant updates about this game.

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