Home Gaming Alice Fiction Tier List: Characters PvP & PvE (2022)

Alice Fiction Tier List: Characters PvP & PvE (2022)

Alice Fiction Tier List
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Alice Fiction Tier List: Characters PvP & PvE (2022)

Do you want to know about the Alice Fiction best characters list? You have come to the right place. In this guide, we will explain to you about the Alice Fiction characters. Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Alice Fiction is a role-playing game. In this game, You will be a protagonist who will enter into the Metaverse of Alice for the first time. But you will encounter a mysterious error during the process. You will meet a girl who claims to be your younger sister. However, you need to find the answer. On the way, you will have to complete the missions and get the rewards. This is the game that supports a Gacha system. You have to create your characters using the in-game currency. In this guide, You will find the best character list through the tier list of the Alice Fiction characters.

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Best Characters in Alice Fiction Tier List

There are two modes in the game Player vs Player(PvP) and Player vs Environment(PvE). Hence, Alice Fiction Tier List is divided into two parts. Also, the characters are divided into 5 Tiers which are organized in ascending order for your reference. It means that Tier 1 is the Top tier and Tier 5 is the lowest tier. Go through the list below.

In the Alice Fiction game, there are many characters. It is difficult for the players to find out the best characters. Having the best characters in the game can ensure that you win in the Alice Fiction game. This game has got two modes – Player vs Player (PvP) and Player vs Environment (PvE). These modes are categorized in the Tiers from the S tier to the E tier. The characters in the S Tier are the best while the characters in the D or E tiers are the worst. These characters have been categorized into the tier based on their performance of the characters. Let’s look at the below list:

Alice Fiction Characters Tier List (PvE)

AMusashi, Lancelot, Amadeus, Antoinetta, Nietzche, Longinus, Himiko,
BCleopatra, Pygmalion, Rousseau, Mathers, Kojiro, Andromeda, Ushiwakamaru, Asclepius,
CPerseus, Nightingale, Archimedes, Qin Shi Huang, Neu, Hippocrates, Viviane, Andersen, Neu
DWang, Jack The Ripper, Captain Drake, Surtr, Kenshin, Benkei, Robin Hood, Joan
EWayland, Michelangelo, Bismarck, Hannibal, Salieri, Galen, Gilles, Sharitozan

Alice Fiction Characters Tier List (PvP)

1Amadeus, Cleopatra, Lancelot, Musashi, Wayland, Benkei
2Captain Drake, Perseus, Archimedes, Salieri, Michelangelo
3Rousseau, Qin Shi Huang, Kojiro, Asclepius, Neu, Ushiwakamaru
4Pygmalion, Scipio, Jack The Ripper, Gilles, Bismarck
5Wang, Nietzsche, Himiko

How to reroll in the Alice Fiction?

In Alice Fiction, you have got a new character and you are not happy with the characters. You can always avail of any chance to get the new characters using the reroll in the game. If you are one of them who does not know how to reroll in the Alice Fiction game.

  • You need to finish the short tutorial and get the gacha tutorial roll.
  • You need to get the beginner and pre-registration rewards in your in-game inbox.
  • You need to exit the game.
  • You need to reload the game.
  • You need to select the menu in the screen’s top right corner.
  • You need to remove your player data.

All you need to do is to use this reroll feature as much as you want. You will be able to reroll and get the S Tier characters in the Alice Fiction game.

Alice Fiction Game Info, Download Link, and Wiki

Title: Alice Fiction

Genre: Roleplaying

Publisher: WonderPlanet Inc.

Release date: 21-Jul-2022

Game Size: 739 MB

Available on: Andriod and iOS


This is the best characters list in the Alice Fiction Game. Whenever you get the chance, you have to make sure that you select the right characters. You can find the right characters in the S tier in both PvP and PvE modes. If you think that you have got wrong characters and you want to change the change them, then you can use the reroll option to change them as many times as you want. That’s all from us about the Alice Fiction Tier List: Characters PvP & PvE (2022).

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