Home Gaming A One-Piece Game: Know about the Trello & Wiki (May 2022)

A One-Piece Game: Know about the Trello & Wiki (May 2022)

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A One-Piece Game: Know about the Trello & Wiki (May 2022)

A One-Piece Game is a title in Roblox that is quite an interesting game to play. This game is in its testing phase. This game has been inspired by the One Piece Manga. Players have got lots of things to explore in this game. This is what makes it an interesting game. Another thing that is interesting is that this game constantly brings out new items, characters, and mechanics. A one Piece Game Trello Wiki gives players many useful tips and tricks to have easy navigation in the game. 

What Is A One-Piece Game Trello & Wiki?

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If you want to progress faster in the game, you can take the help of One Piece Game Trello and Wiki as it keeps coming out with some important details about the game. The important details include Fruits, Currency, Bosses, and other vital topics. In this article, we will look at each of these topics today. 


Beli is the in-game currency in A One-Piece Game. players can use the Beli in a variety of ways such as purchasing swords, Guns, Fruits, Fighting styles, and other in-game items with it. If players want to get the Beli, then they will have to unlock the chest by defeating mobs and making the quests. Players can get up to $3k Beli from chests. 

Game Passes

Devil Fruit Notifier

In A One-Piece Game, Game pass informs the players about when and where a devil fruit will appear. 

Coffin Boat

This game pass gives a boat a top speed of 125. 


This game pass gives a boat a top speed of 150. 


Fruits in the one-piece game appear every 30 minutes around the map. But it is very difficult to get them from a chest. But players have the option to buy this item from Merchant. This is the item that lies in the player’s inventory. It won’t vanish even if the players die. In this game, you can find many types of Fruits available in the game. A list of available fruits in A One-Piece Game Trello and Wiki is given below. 

  • Barrier Fruit (Paramecia)
  • Chop Fruit (Paramecia)
  • Ice Fruit (Logia)
  • Invisible Fruit (Paramecia)
  • Light Fruit (Logia)
  • Lighting Fruit (Logia)
  • Fire Fruit (Logia)
  • Magma Fruit (Logia)
  • Operation Fruit (Paramecia)
  • Phoenix Fruit (Logia)
  • Quake Fruit (Paramecia)
  • String Fruit (Paramecia)
  • Venom (Paramecia)
  • Rubber
  • Gas Fruit

A One-Piece Game NPC Trello & Wiki

  • Set Spawn
    • This NPC sets the spawn point.
  • Rayleigh
    • You can find this NPC in the Random Wilderness and can teach players Haki for 700k Beli. 
  • Merchant
    • Players can find this NPC in Logue Town and buy random fruits for 25M Beli.
  • Business man
    • Players can delete their current Devil Fruit for 5M Beli or Robux through NPC. It is also located in Logue Town. 
  • Blacksmith
    • This NPC will take weapons.
  • Traveling Merchant
    • Players can get a Island Tracker Compass from this NPC that can point out Islands for 50,000 Beli.
  • Xury

If the players want to get an extra quest slot, then they get it when NPC sells these quest scrolls. All in all, players can get up to 5 quest slots in total. Then Xury will be located at the 1 Starter Island, this NPC can give you the 1st scroll for 500K Beli. you can buy the 2nd scroll for 1M Beli. The player can also buy 3rd and 4th scroll for 1.5M Beli and 2M Beli respectively. 


This NPC can give you the dual flintlock for 175,000 Beli This NPC can be found at #1 Starter Island.

Xury’s Brother

Located on #1 Starter Island, this NPC sells players the flintlock for 75,000 Beli.

Quest Dummy

These NPCs will ask players to help fight enemies and allow them to choose their quest from the Quest menu.


A fighting-style teacher, Sanji can be found on #1 Starter Island. This NPC teaches players Black Leg for 500K Beli.


Zoro is a Sword Style teacher that can be found on #2 Shell’s island. His lessons cost from 100k to 5M Beli. 


Found in #4 Arlong Park, this NPC can teach players Fishman Karate for 600K Beli.


This NPC teaches players Electro Fighting Style for 550K Beli and can be found on #6 Skypiea.

Fighting Style

In this game, you will see 4 fighting styles, below you will find A One-Piece Game Trello and Wiki on each of these styles. 


When the players start out in the beginning, this is the basic fighting style that you get in the game. However, this style has only one move. You can reverse it unless the players upgrade to a better fighting style. 

Fishman Karate

This is a fighting style that is used for the PvP and long-range moves. When it comes to bullets, players attack Shark Bullets to create mini sharks that blast on strike. Players can increase their skills damage and swim in the ocean with a Devil Fruit by using the Fishman Attack. 

The other Fishman Karate attacks, thousand Brick Fist, and Karmen Wari are also capable of great chaos. While the Thousand Brick Fist Causes a mild explosion on impact, players can create a punch shockwave with Kaimen Wari. 


This is high damaged, high-speed fighting style. Players can teleport to their cursor using this style. Also, using the Electro Smash, players can create a damage-dealing lighting shockwave that can be activated by jumping and smashing the ground on the cursor location.

Moreover, the Electro Discharge can create lighting over a certain AOE. The Electro Rush attack allows players to rush and deal high-speed damage. Lastly, the Electricity attack can players’ hands to electrify and deal added damage.

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