Home Gaming A beginners guide to Tears of Themis’s tips and tricks (fully explained)

A beginners guide to Tears of Themis’s tips and tricks (fully explained)

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A beginners guide to Tears of Themis's tips and tricks (fully explained)

A beginners guide to Tears of Themis’s tips and tricks (fully explained)

Tears of Themis is an exciting game to play. In this game, players have to gather the pieces of evidence, they have to debate and win the complicated cases. There are around four famous characters in Tears of Themis, Players have to select one of them to be able to play better. Tears of Themis was created and Published by miHoYo.

This game is meant for mystery lovers. Every level in this game begins with a new case that keeps the players occupied with the game as long as they complete it. Players have to gather evidence and solve the game in each chapter that they start with. In this guide, players will get to know about Tips and tricks of Tears of Themis that would help them play a better game. Let’s get started.

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Tears of Themis Beginner’s Guide & Tips and tricks

This game requires you to be strategic and thoughtful. Players have to be able to select the right answers and debate in Tears of Themis. Many players don’t know if they are doing the right things. But we are here to let you know exactly the same.

1) Know The Basics Of Cards

Players will find three cards in the tears of Themis. Therefore, it is important to understand all the basic things about the cards. These cards represent the strength of your evidence. These three cards are the following: Red, Blue, and Green.

  • Red card represents Empathy
  • Blue card represents Logic
  • Green card represents Intuition.

While players are engaging themselves in the debate, they need to remember which card can encounter another card to win the battle. This strategy will let you know how to use the cards carefully in the tears of Themis.

  • Red card counters green card
  • Blue card counters red card
  • Green card counters blue card

2) Collect All The free Rewards

Free Rewards are released from time to time that let the players enhance their gameplay as well as they can get the many in-game items for free. Players have to keep their eyes out for the rewards by checking their mailbox in the game.

3) Use the AP and S-chips

  • Generate it automatically: Players can wait to generate the AP and S-chips automatically. Players will have to take part in the different stages of the game. Upon the completion of those stages, players will get the AP and S-chips. It takes a whole day to get them. If players can not wait so long then they can try out the other two options to get the AP and S-chips.
  • Grab the energy drinks: This is the best option to get the AP and S-chips.
  • Spend S-chips

4) Use Magnifying Glass to find the clues

In this game, Players will find the clues at multiple locations to solve the mysteries and solve the other problems that occur in the game. However, finding the clue is not easy as they are not clearly visible to the eyes. Therefore, players have the option to use the magnifying glass to search for the clues. With the magnifying glass, players can easily get to know about the clues in the game.

5) Upgrade Cards

Players are often confused about which cards to upgrade first in the Tears of Themis. As these cards help players win the debates fasters than they can even imagine. To help you with that, we will advise you that you go for stronger cards like SR cards and SSR cards first. They need to keep R cards for a later time.

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