Home Gaming 11 Best Android Games Like Ludo King (Similar Alternatives)

11 Best Android Games Like Ludo King (Similar Alternatives)

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11 Best Android Games Like Ludo King

When the pandemic struck, people were left at home with not many sources of entertainment. However, people found entertainment in the games. Ludo became quite popular among the people to pass their time. Ludo is a multiplayer game that people can play online with their friends without meeting. They can have lots of fun playing this game. Wherever you would go, you would find people glued to their screens playing the ludo. Since ludo became their favorite, they tried to find android games that were similar to the Ludo. in this article, we will talk about the games that are much similar to the Ludo game. You can have as much fun playing these games as you would have with the ludo king. 

Best Android Games Like Ludo King

People want to find the best android game that keeps them occupied and entertained. No doubt, people would earlier play the board games sitting at home, however, technology converted the board games into the online game that was more convenient to play for them. Ludo was one of them. It became popular in a short span of time. People also wanted to find a game similar to the online ludo king game. Because  they want to bring diversity to their entertainment. Keeping that in mind, we have brought this article to you. 

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Snakes and Ladders King

11 Best Android Games Like Ludo King (Similar Alternatives)

Snakes and Ladder King and Ludo King were created by the same developers. Snake and ladder kings is the online version of a classic board game that we would all play. However, this online version of snake and ladder is quite similar to the board game version of snake and ladder.  You find the online version more convenient and stuffed with extra features. When you play this game, you will no doubt feel nostalgic. You can find this game in the Ludo king app. If you get bored with the ludo king, you can shuffle to the snake and ladder game. You can play this game with the same intensity as you would play a board snake game. You can chat with your friends in this game. 


11 Best Android Games Like Ludo King (Similar Alternatives)

Monopoly is a business strategy game that gives you the option to sell and buy properties. You can build your own house. You can rent those houses and collect the rent from your opponent till they go bankrupt. This is one of the best games to pass your time.  You can have lots of fun playing this game. In this game, you can explore new cities and you can video-call your opponent while playing the game. All in all, you will have lots of fun playing this game. 

8-Ball Pool

11 Best Android Games Like Ludo King (Similar Alternatives)

This game is the digital version of the billiards that we all remember playing. This game can be a great alternative to the ludo king and you can easily pass your free time playing this game. In this game, you will have to collect solids or stripes before their opponents along with the 9th ball. Players will have to collect the types of the ball (solids and stripes) earlier than their opponent. Along with these 8 balls, they will have to collect the 9th ball to be able to win this game. This is fun!!


11 Best Android Games Like Ludo King (Similar Alternatives)

UNO is a card game that is the digital version of the card game. If we talk about the rules, they are similar to offline games. The only difference is you can play it online with your friends.

Ludo Star

It is also a great game to play and to pass the time. The Ludo star is similar to the ludo king. However, it has different modes to play such as Quick, Master, and Classic. You can play in all these modes according to their schedules. In the ludo star game, you will find the same rules as the classic Ludo Board Game. You will definitely enjoy playing this game. You are bored with the ludo king interface, yet if you want to play the ludo king, you can pick up the Ludo star game. 

Plants V/s Zombies 2

Similar to tennis clashes, this game is also a good time-pass game. There is so much fun in playing this game. This game requires you to defend a tower from the attacks of Self-timer zombie waves. Many times, this game gets a bit difficult when you are required to defend the tower from all the waves of zombies to clear the stages. This game involves less strategy to play with. If you don’t want something heavy on your mind, you can choose to play this game. I hope you will enjoy it a lot. 

Fruit Ninja

If you want to enjoy the simple game where you get to slice many vegetables and fruits in a fixed period of time, then you should take up playing this game.  Fruit Ninja is quite a soothing game to play. But it is not everything about slicing the fruits and you can come across the bond among the fruits that you have to avoid slicing to win the game. If you cut the fruits in a streak, you end up scoring higher in the game. Another interesting thing is that it is a fully offline game. Even if you don’t have an internet connection on your device, you can still enjoy this game.                           

Tennis Clash

Tennis clash is a virtual game that replicates Tennis in real life. You have to play with the opponent. It is a simple game but at the same time, it is a thrilling game to play. You earn kit bags and money when you manage to defeat your opponent. You get a level-up. Keep in mind that you increase the level and the more difficult opponent you will get to play against. 

Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is similar to the offline carrom board we play. It has the same rules, the only difference is that carrom pool is the digital game that you can play on your mobile. The Carrom Pool offers two modes to players i.e Classic Game that involves the red coin and Disc mode that does not involve any red disc. To complete the classic game, players have to pocket the red disc with cover to win the match and get the tokens. Whereas in Disc mode, players have to pocket the last discs to win the match. If you want to progress in the game, players have to collect the tokens by winning more matches. 

Hill Climb Racing

The name Hill Climb Racing itself suggests that this game has to do with hill climbing racing. In this game. A player has to control the speed of the car while driving a car on a sloppy road on the hills. A player has to make sure that the car does not fall off the road. While controlling the car, a player has to collect the Gas canisters and coins to upgrade and buy new cars. The score made can be seen on the meter of the moving car. The coins you collect are added instantly to the total coins section of the game. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoy playing these games. If you have not been able to find the game of your choice in this article, I would recommend you to search on the play store. You will get it from there. 

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